Patient Care Ministry

Patient Care Ministry extends compassion and mercy to patients in their fight for life.

Our focus is to follow-up with patients to make sure they are receiving the proper care that they need. We fund and connect patients to health facilities that have the capacity to help them. Our vision is to connect the church to medical facilities so that together they can bring physical and emotional healing to the people. We are motivated by a sense of urgency for the sick and a determination to bring hope to the suffering.  Lives are being saved and changed.  We hope that our patients will see the love of Christ in us through our love and compassion.

The Needs:
Many of the sick from the rural areas of Cambodia do not know where to go to get help or do not have the means to get the necessary medical assistance. Many sicknesses and wounds are left untreated until the person is  so seriously sick they risk permanent damage or death.  

How We Help:
Our primary goal is to bring the sick to a proper health care facility before they encounter permanent damage or death. We inform the local pastors, leaders, and health volunteers to contact us when a patient needs transportation and assistance. PCM volunteers then transport the patient to a proper facility.
We aim to build relationships with healthcare facilities and ministries. As they become aware of our mission, we join with them to care for the patient as best as possible. We work closely with the Wonderful Healing Home, also a ministry of New Life Foundation, and often refer our patients to them. 
We help empower the rural church branches of New Life.  We help the churches become aware of the medical facilities that can treat beyond the capacity of their local care. The goal is to motivate the churches to look out for the health needs of their members and the people in their village. Together, the church and the medical facilities can work together to take care of the spiritual and physical health of the people. Our hope for the future is that the churches will be able to access medical resources without our assistance and become respected for their love and concern for the sick and their families.
Most of our patients are living in dire poverty. Our Follow-Up-Fund is to assist patients who are unable to pay for their treatment. Treatment costs vary depending on the patients needs. We ideally plan to fund about $100 for each patient.


From extreme malnourishment, Nan only weighed 1.2 Kilos at four months old. She was referred to us by a medical team, but Nan lived six hours away from proper medical care, and we were concerned she would not survive the trip; however, with many prayers, Nan was able to make it to the city with little time left. She was so close to dying that the hospital almost refused to treat her. By God's grace she was given IV and blood transfusions. We (PCM) were able to provide her with supplement milk. Her health continued to progress for the better. She is now nine months old and a healthy and happy miracle.

We found Touk with a wound that had been progressively worsening for the last ten years. A snake bite caused the wound and later he was bit by a dog that made it even worse. At 30 years old, the awful smell of the wound had left him with little companionship. Touk was not able to read or write and his family had no money to pay for treatment. After realizing his worsening condition, we were able to take him to a Hospital, where the decision was made to amputate his leg in order for him to live. It was a difficult decision but Touk agreed to the procedure. After the amputation he gained some weight and was full of so much more joy. Eventually he was fitted to a prosthetic leg. We helped place him in a rehabilitation center where he was learning how to read and write and develop other life skills. Touk’s testimony is one of hope. His story has touched our lives.

We met nine year old Leap Long who had been suffering from an incurable disease, Epidermolysis Bullosa. It was so difficult to see such a young boy suffering from bloody open wounds on his legs. He was unable to walk due to contractures that had been preventing his legs from straightening. We were able to instruct his parents on how to care for him. After he was able to spend some time at the Healing Home he was able to return to his family in the village. Upon our last visit, we were excited to find his legs healed, and as a nine year old boy should be, he was walking on his own. We give many praises to God and continue to pray that the disease would not return.

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