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Next Steps Houses

Provide safe houses in the city for 160 young men and women to learn and to grow


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New Life Fellowship of Churches Cambodia is a movement of Churches started and based in Cambodia since 1994.  In addition to church planting, New Life Fellowship specializes in providing foundational opportunities for Cambodians who are catalysts for a great future for every individual regardless of their background.  These opportunities consist primarily of education, life-skills training, and leadership development. 

New Life’s Next Step Houses are dormitories that provide a safe environment and leadership development for approximately 30 young people per each Next Step House.  The young people at the Next Step Houses come from the following scenarios: 

  • Young people who have just moved from the rural areas of Cambodia into Phnom Penh.
  • Young people who have been living in orphanages and now are over the age limit for living in an orphanage.
  • Young people who have been rescued and rehabilitated from abusive or trafficking situations and are ready to be reintegrated into normal society. 

Next Step Houses have been a key project of New Life Fellowship providing not only separate housing for young men and women, but also life skills training for both spiritual and leadership development for young people as well as providing a solid foundation for the rest of their adult life and their walk with the Lord. 

New Life Fellowship is seeking partners for a long-term, generational impact on hundreds of young people through the sponsorship of one of our seven Next Step Houses.  Seven of New Life Fellowship's  Next Step Houses are in need of sponsorship. 

The project involves the following costs: 

 US$5,400 to rent a facility for one Next Step House ( 12 months) 

 US$5,694 for running costs for one Next Step House (12 months)  

New Life Fellowship is seeking partnership for a one-time donation of US$ 11,094 for the running of a Next Step House for 12 months for one or more of the Next Step Houses that need partnership.

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