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New Life Fellowship of Churches Cambodia (NLFCC) has been activated in planting churches in the provinces of Cambodia since 2000. Until now we have been planted 198 churches, which are mature churches, house churches and outreach place, to enlarge the kingdom of God in Cambodia. We have planted churches in 15 provinces and town of 25 provinces and towns in the Kingdom of Cambodia.   

Teams, from Phnom Penh and provincial churches are coming out to the village to evangelize from house to house in the purpose to gather people to one place for sharing the word of God. From week to week  the team continue to go out to evangelize and gathering the people who want to follow Christ Jesus for sharing about faith to get them to understand more about Him before they know how to follow Him. In each place we need a couple leaders to lead and to shepherd the flock of God. This process need more time to pick up and to raise them to be pastors and leaders of that new church.   

NLFCC has been trained more than 250 pastors and leaders to take responsibilities of every new church we planted. We trained them about Christian Leadership to lead the church congregation. Most of them good in leadership skill and they know well of how is Christian leadership. They leaded the church to accomplish God’s purpose in Cambodia. But the big problem is each church did not grow well or it’s still stay small; this is because of the leader are lacking of abilities of managing, organizing and family financial support. This project will train every pastor and leader of how to organize or manage the church according God’s way for church to grow and also providing the knowledge and financial to start a small business in the family. This project are going to work with 30 new pastors with training for three years program and we also provide them fund for starting family business to generate their daily income, too. This project is providing them with two benefits: first is ability to lead the church to grow bigger and second is to generate their daily income to support their family daily expenses and to help the pastor to stand strong in doing ministries, before the church can get enough offering to support its activities and its pastors.  Our objectives are for the pastors:  

1) To commit to do the work God assigned them.

2) To have an ability to manage all their family and themselves.

3) To know how to manage their church’s staff and church’s activities and programs.

4) To get closer relationship with God.

5) To have enough income to support their family expanses.  

This project really important to help every pastor and leader to know how to manage their church, when it’s grow to a certain number of Cambodia church’s size that can get enough offering to support itself and also help the pastor and leader of how to increase their family’s living standard. The project needs 68,642.40 USD for this year. The project need to implement the activities to reach the objectives within three years. Within these three years of training, the school dividing in three steps:  

1) Changing mind set of calling and poverty 

2) Improving the capacity of church organizing and managing.

3) Close relationship with God and look on His provision